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How to properly care for and store your brushes?

Care. The brushes must be washed before the first use. Shampoo for Bobbi Brown brushes or facial wash for sensitive skin work well. When washing the brushes, make sure that water does not get on the ferrule. We do not recommend washing your brushes more than once every 2-4 weeks. Dry the brushes in a horizontal position.

Daily cleansing. For daily brush cleansing you must use products WITHOUT any alcohol! In this case it will not spoil the hair and the brush will pleasure you longer. We recommend ESTI Professional instant brush cleaner, MUFE or Bobbi Brown. Еhey do not contain alcohol in their formulas.

Storage. It is better to store brushes in an inhabited room at normal temperature and humidity, at some distance from the heater. It is not recommended to store brushes in the bathroom or near heating systems. If your brushes travel with you, it is better to purchase a special case for them. It will protect the brushes from mechanical damage and sudden temperature changes, while maintaining their appearance and shape.

I want to change my order, which I have already paid for. Can I do this?

If the order has been paid for and you received an e-receipt by e-mail, then it is no longer possible to change the order, in view of the Federal Law #54, which entered into force on January 1, 2018. Please check your shopping cart carefully before paying for your order.

The order is placed and paid for on the website. When will it be delivered to me?

Orders are assembled and sent to the delivery service every working day (from Monday to Friday) from 10 am to 20 pm Moscow time. When the order is transferred to the delivery service, you will receive an email with its number and a tracking link.

All prices on the site are in Russian rubles. How can I find out the cost in my country’s currency?

The online store operates in the legal and tax field of the Russian Federation, therefore all indicated prices and payments are in Russian rubles. You can find out the approximate cost of goods in your country’s currency using the website

What should I do if I have not received my order on time? What should I do if the order has not arrived in full or is damaged?

Do no hesitate to write to the store administrator through the “Messages” widget on the left side of any page of the site.

Return an order

Returns of cosmetic products, creams, other cosmetics and cosmetic goods (for example, makeup brushes) are made only:
– if there is a manufacturing defect;
– if there is a lack of proper information about the product on the label, packaging or in the package information leaflet;
– if harmful, toxic substances are contained in the formula (blue lotus extract, prohibited parabens, benzoates or benzyls).

In all the other cases, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the above product groups are not a subject to return and exchange. This includes a gap between the selected colors, smells or consistency of the product, lack of obtaining the expected effect, clear confirmation of the proper quality of the goods, availability of appropriate labeling indicating all the necessary information on cosmetics.

Confirmation of an order

After the payment has been made, the order is automatically confirmed.

Your e-mail will receive a message confirming the order. The message will contain the order and what will happen next.

Sometimes, the letter falls into the SPAM category. Search your email application for the keyword “Annbeautystore” and you will find an email.
If the letter is not found, contact us through the “Messages” widget from any page of the site.
The online store manager does not confirm by phone. If you need confirmation by phone – indicate this information in the comments to the order.

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