Brush Katakana S26

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Annbeauty S26 is made of duofiber and has a dense beveled shape. Designed to work with creamy textures of any consistency: blush, sculptor and bronzer. It will be indispensable for any type of skin, both dry and oily.

The shape of the brush adjusts to the shape of the face, which significantly speeds up working with the skin.

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Katakana series brushes are mainly marketed as brushes for makeup artists. They are made in a minimalist Japanese style and have unusual, exclusive shapes. The handle is extended and lightweight, which makes it easier and faster to create makeup.
In this series, as for the all Annbeauty brushes, high-quality, natural hair of the A + class are used, giving them a special softness and utility.
The wooden handle is covered with a hard-wearing matt black finish. Ferrule, used in this series, seems an extension of the handle, as the brush itself is an extension of the master’s hand.
The most abundant Annbeauty brush series is constantly evolving and changing.

Weight 22 g
Made in




Hair length

35 mm

Hair Width

22 mm

Hair thickness

22 mm

Brush length

177 mm

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