Бронзирующая пудра Annbeauty YOUR CHEEKS BeachБронзирующая пудра Annbeauty YOUR CHEEKS Beach баннер
Румяна для лица Annbeauty CHEEKS Y&B баннерРумяна для лица Annbeauty CHEEKS Y&B баннер для смартфона
Палетка теней для век Annbeauty YOUR VISION PALETTE Bond Girl баннерПалетка теней для век Annbeauty YOUR VISION PALETTE Bond Girl баннер для смарфона
Annbeuty SIGNUM баннер desktopAnnbeuty SIGNUM баннер для мобильного
Annbeauty TEXHO set Banner DesktopAnnbeuty TEXHO banner mobile
Annbeauty STARS3 кистьbanner-Annbeauty-STARS-mobile

The Annbeauty Classic Brushes are designed in basic and comprehensive shapes, yet they are versatile and each brush serves multiple makeup tasks.

The softest, natural, highly qualified goat hair A + does not lose its softness for a long time and is suitable for working even with sensitive skin.
Handles are made of wood and covered with a special, high-quality varnish coating that preserves the bush appearance for a long time.

The Annbeauty Classic Series brushes are a great choice both for the novice makeup artist and personal use, and will also be an excellent basic set for a more experienced artist.

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